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Collaborative & Proactive Solutions: Two-Day Virtual Training with Dr. Ross Greene, October 12-13, 2023

The Psychology department is proud to sponsor a virtual training and professional development opportunity for clinicians, educators, and parents seeking exposure to and expertise in the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model.

Psychology is a rich discipline that lies at the crossroads of biology and society. A hub science, it bridges such disparate fields as biology, education, health, business, sociology, marketing, engineering, and neuroscience. Psychological science is integral to understanding the fundamental building blocks of human behavior and necessary for addressing current societal issues. As part of the College of Science at a land grant university, our department’s broader mission is to conduct research that transforms lives and inspires others on our campus, in Southwest Virginia, and across the world.

Faculty Spotlight

The Department of Psychology welcomes its newest faculty members to Virginia Tech!   

Department Highlights

Hayoung Ko receives approval for funding from the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute-Center for Health Behaviors Research (FBRI-CHBR) Pilot and Feasibility (P+F) Program

Congratulations to Hayoung Ko for receiving approval for funding ($20,000) from the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute-Center for Health Behaviors Research (FBRI-CHBR) Pilot and Feasibility (P+F) Program. 

Clinical Science doctoral student Danielle Martino awarded the 2023-2024 Hulick Serving Spirit Award

Danielle Martino, Clinical Science doctoral student and PANDA Lab student clinician, has been selected to receive the 2023-2024 Hulick Serving Spirit Award!

First-year graduate student Gabby Patarinski receives scholarship from the Academy for Eating Disorders

Gabby Patarinski, first-year clinical science graduate student and research assistant for the SEED Lab, was recently selected to receive the highly competitive Student Travel Scholarship from the Academy for Eating Disorders. 

Jasmine Lewis Accepted as a COVES Fellow 

Congratulations to third-year biological psychology student Jasmine Lewis who has been accepted as a Commonwealth of Virginia Engineering and Sciences (COVES) Policy Fellow. Learn more about the COVES Fellowship program now.

Drs. Rosanna Breaux and Angela Scarpa-Friedman Receive 4-VA Pre-tenure Faculty Research Grant 

Dr. Rosanna Breaux, director of the Child Study Center and CALMER Lab, and Dr. Angela Scarpa-Friedman, director of the Virginia Tech Autism Clinic & Center for Autism Research, received a 4-VA pre-tenure faculty research grant. This grant will support a pilot study examining the utility of a parenting program delivered via a mobile app, Treks, over 4 weeks to reduce behavior problems and improve parent competence among families of children with behavior problems on waitlists for clinics in the state of Virginia.

Faculty Awarded an ICAT Rapid Response Grant

Dr. Vanessa Diaz and Dr. Carrie Kroehler were awarded an ICAT Rapid Response Grant to support 10 graduate students in developing video presentations and activity guides of their science, to be shared initially with kindergarten-aged children in Giles County. The program came to be known as “Girls Launch! Kindergarten Science Outreach Continuation and Expansion.” Eventually, through a number of partnerships, the videos and activities were made available on the Center for Communicating Science YouTube channel, translated into Spanish and tagged with Virginia Standards of Learning codes, so teachers more easily incorporate them into lesson plans. Some of these lesson plans and videos have now been made available on “Go Open Virginia”, a statewide curriculum and educational resources repository. Learn more about Girls Launch! now.

Mobile Autism Clinic

The mobile autism clinic is housed in a 29-foot RV that is expanding more ASD services into several rural counties in southwest Virginia. The MAC Team has installed AV equipment and renovated space to conduct parent/family mediated interventions for ASD.


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