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Graduate Researchers Listen to Marginalized Communities

Graduate students work to gain a better understanding about the experiences of stress, trauma, and resilience with Black and African American communities in Southwest Virginia.

Psychology is a rich discipline that lies at the crossroads of biology and society. A hub science, it bridges such disparate fields as biology, education, health, business, sociology, marketing, engineering, and neuroscience. Psychological science is integral to understanding the fundamental building blocks of human behavior and necessary for addressing current societal issues. As part of the College of Science at a land grant university, our department’s broader mission is to conduct research that transforms lives and inspires others on our campus, in Southwest Virginia, and across the world.

Department Highlights

Psychology Faculty Among Recipients of the 2022-2023 ISCE Scholars Program  

The Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment (ISCE) has named psychology faculty members Dr. Meagan Brem and Dr. Martha Ann Bell, among others, as recipients of the 2022-2023 ISCE Scholars Program. 

Undergraduate Research Assistant Presents at Summer Symposium

Emma Larkin, a Department of Psychology undergraduate research assistant, recently presented a poster at the Dennis Dean Summer Undergraduate Symposium. The Dennis Dean Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium is a symposium where undergraduates across Virginia Tech present on research that they have been conducting.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Industrial-Organizational Psychology graduate student Kelsi Cornett is currently working on two Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion projects. The first project investigates weight-based discrimination by using a large data set collected from LinkedIn and a pre-trained CNN model to investigate the relationship among BMI, race, and gender and upward mobility. The second project uses natural language processing (NLP) to detect subtle offensive statements or microaggressions using a transformer (RoBERTa) model that utilizes word importance to classify the offense and predict to whom and why the statement is offensive.

Mobile Autism Clinic

The mobile autism clinic is housed in a 29-foot RV that is expanding more ASD services into several rural counties in southwest Virginia. The MAC Team has installed AV equipment and renovated space to conduct parent/family mediated interventions for ASD.


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