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Faculty Receive Two Alumni Excellence Awards!


About Us

Our department is dedicated to excellence, discovery, diversity of ideas and people, and the university’s motto of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve).

Our outstanding faculty are engaged in interdisciplinary research collaborations that advance knowledge in several key areas, such as clinical science, developmental science, industrial and organizational psychology, and biological psychology. Our students immerse themselves in hands-on learning and research alongside our faculty to address a wide range of human behavior, mental processes, and societal challenges.

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Department Highlights


The CAP lab is  conducting a new study focused on attention and memory during infancy.  During a one-time visit to our research lab, we will be playing some looking and reaching games with 9- and 12-month-old  infants.  In addition to these games, we are interested in studying physiological components of attention and memory behavior.  This involves the infant wearing a sensor cap to collect brain-wave activity (EEG) and sticky patches on the chest to collect heart rate activity (ECG). (CAP Lab, more studies)


Diversity and Inclusion

We view Diversity and Inclusion as central to our mission as a Department of Psychology. Because Psychology is a science of human behavior, it is critical for our faculty and graduate students to understand and embrace diversity of human experiences. (read more)


Mobile Autism Clinic

The mobile autism clinic is housed in a 29-foot RV that is expanding more ASD services into several rural counties in southwest Virginia. The MAC Team has installed AV equipment and renovated space to conduct parent/family mediated interventions for ASD. (read more)